Wisdom Teeth Stow

Wisdom teeth removal in Stow

Wisdom teeth Stow

Wisdom teeth Stow

Teeth do not always develop normally or in a healthy manner, hence the need for treatment like braces and other orthodontic tools. But sometimes, teeth can develop so irregularly that they need to be removed completely. This is often the case with wisdom teeth. Many young adults have their wisdom teeth removed for one reason or another, so if you need to get rid of your wisdom teeth in Stow, then our dentist here at State Valley Dental can provide you with the wisdom teeth removal that you need.

Wisdom teeth normally develop between the ages of 18-21 and are the last set of molars to develop at all. Wisdom teeth are called such because they develop much later than other teeth, often when people are already adults whereas the rest of their teeth have already come in by the time they are teenagers. Over time, the human skull has grown in order to accommodate the human brain, but as a result the jaw has suffered and most people no longer have jaws long enough to fit wisdom teeth properly. Wisdom teeth are not very useful anymore, and they can be removed without causing any issues. In fact, they tend to cause problems of their own when they come in. Because of the limited space, wisdom teeth often come in crooked or sideways. This can be bad news for your other teeth, especially since wisdom teeth can grow towards them instead of parallel beside them. This is why wisdom teeth are often removed, but they may also be removed because they are too far back to clean properly which can cause cavities and gum disease. If you need wisdom teeth in Stow removed, we here at State Valley Dental can help.

Sometimes wisdom teeth can begin to cause pain but other times x-rays can tell your dentist when it is time for these teeth to come out. If you need to treatment for wisdom teeth in Stow, please call us here at State Valley Dental to get the care you need.

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