Affordable Dentures Botzum Ohio

Dentures in Botzum Ohio

Affordable dentures Botzum Ohio

Affordable dentures Botzum Ohio

A mouth that has several missing teeth does not look very good when it’s smiling and doesn’t function optimally when the biting or chewing. Missing teeth do not have to dominate your smile or your life since they can be replaced by affordable dentures Botzum Ohio at State valley Dental office of Family Dental. Our doctors can restore our patient’s smiles by using several different techniques to replace missing teeth, depending on how many teeth need replacing, where the teeth are and the surrounding supporting teeth and gums.

In the case of missing teeth our doctors may suggest affordable dentures Botzum Ohio, depending on the individual problem and patient’s needs. Where several teeth or the whole mouth is involved a denture is usually the solution of choice. A denture is a replacement for teeth that can be removed and reinserted into the mouth whenever the patient chooses. Depending on the patient’s needs, dentures can be full (replacing all the teeth, even removing some if necessary) or partial (replacing a few teeth between existing natural teeth). Our office uses two options for full dentures; conventional and immediate full dentures. In conventional dentures remaining teeth are removed and the patient will not have teeth until the gums and bone heals, and impressions are fabricated into dentures. With immediate dentures our dentist measures and fabricates the dentures before the remaining teeth are removed, so that the denture can be placed as soon as the extractions have been done. With immediate dentures that patient is never left with no teeth, however, the dentures will have to be adjusted as the patient’s mouth heals to make sure they always fit snuggly.

Dentures make your smile full again and allow you to eat normally. What will also make you smile is the affordability of our practice’s dentures. Our practice offers the most affordable prices in the area for dentures and most of our other family dental services including special pricing for attaching dentures via implants. Our practice participates with most dental insurance programs and offers financing through CareCredit. Make an appointment with our office to learn more about affordable dentures Botzum Ohio.

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